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Barbara Brown Taylor
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Response to "Fear and the American Church"
Rick Brand, pastor, the First Presbyterian Church

Henderson, NC
March 7, 2007

What troubles me as I read these articles, especially Dr. Taylor's, is that there seems to be this great hunger for a vision of the end which is answered by the fear makers. But I am not sure that the other response, as great as it is, will scratch the itch.

The human curiosity to know what will happen is so great and is given such authoritative answer by the fear people and I am not sure that the answered proposed will be anything like adequate for the hunger.   (Like obesity, I have a hunger and a 6,000 calorie sandwich will over kill my hunger and make me obese, but the 30 calorie carrot will not satisfy my hunger.)

So while I do teach and preach a different eschatology than that based on fear, I sense it is not being heard as good news.

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