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The Gospel: Just for Sinners or Just for the Sinned Against?

Ernst Conradie [T]his emphasis that "we are all sinners" ignores the need for a clear distinction between victims and perpetrators.
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A Reflection on Sin and Pain

Christine Hong Theologies of sin and sinfulness have been weaponized, used against people to diminish and erase them.

Sinners, all: The Universality of Sin as the Ground for Transformative Justice

Brian Powers [U]nderstanding sin as a "power" and being attentive to individual actions are not mutually exclusive, but complimentary.

Bordering Mysteries

Mindy McGarrah Sharp Encounters across human-made borders open tiny glimpses into the haunting and beautiful mysteries of life together that reveal moving intersections and to which theologies of sin, suffering, and salvation, need to be accountable.
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Ernst Conradie What should at least be clear is that the suffering of those who are sinned against cannot be resolved without addressing the guilt of the perpetrators.

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